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Cultural Studies

Understanding Islam and Muslim Traditions, 2nd Edition

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Islam is one of the most widely practiced and perhaps the most widely misunderstood religions in the world today. By focusing primarily on the cultural aspects of the religion, Understanding Islam and Muslim Traditions, 2nd Edition provides important information about the faith in an easy-to-navigate format. This is a resource guide that introduces readers to Islam through an examination of its religious observances, customs, holidays, calendar system, and folk beliefs, describing how people around the world express their Muslim identity. This 2nd edition includes an important section on Islamophobia in America, providing readers with both the historic backdrop and current environment.

Written for students, educators, and general readers, Understanding Islam and Muslim Traditions, 2nd Edition explains specific religious observances and customs while introducing basic Islamic beliefs. Muslim holidays and festivals are described in considerable detail. Historical and geographical information is also included to provide a context for further understanding.

This resource guide has four main sections:

A Brief Introduction to Islam: This section includes three parts: the teachings of Islam, the history of Islam, and Muslims today. There is an introduction to the religion’s beliefs and practices, a brief history of the religion with attention to its founding, and is followed by information on today’s Muslims, including their ethnic identities and geographic distribution.

Religious Customs and Folklore: This section provides detailed information on body language, clothing, food-related customs, greetings and sayings, life cycle customs, mosques and clergy, Muhammad and other Prophets; music, dance, Muslim prayer practices and other devotional customs; the Quran; separation of the sexes; symbols, and more.

Islamophobia in America: This section provides the historic background and events that have contributed to Islamophobia in America. There is coverage of the political environment and current state of Islamophobia in America. Contact information for support organizations is included as well.

Calendar System, Holidays, and Other Days of Observance: This section explains the Muslim calendar and describes principal holidays and other days of observance, with descriptions of celebrations in different parts of the world. The following holidays and days of observance are covered: Ashura; Eid al-Adha; First of Muharram; Friday; Hajj; Hidrellez; Lamp Nights; Laylat al-Bara’ah; Laylat al-Miraj; Laylat al-Qadr; Mulid al-Nabi; Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr; Saints and Their Festivals; and White Nights.

Also included are numerous photos, illustrations, maps, resource and support group contact information, a glossary, a bibliography, and an index.