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Cultural Studies

Ruffner’s Allusions, 3rd Ed.



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Ruffner’s Allusions—Cultural, Literary, Biblical, and Historical: A Thematic Dictionary documents the deeper meanings of words—from Shakespeare, Dickens, and other authors; from the Bible and other holy books; from Greek, Roman, and other mythologies; from American, European, Eastern, and other legends; from music, the arts, business, comics, movies, television, radio—from all the elements that make up our culture.

This new edition adds almost 3,500 new allusions, for a total of more than 12,000 cultural, literary, religious, and historical allusions. Several areas have received significant updates: allusions from the past 20 years, with an emphasis on areas that have become dominant during that era, in particular technology, the Internet, politics, and popular culture; allusions to real people, filling gaps in many areas with famous and diverse people not included in the last edition, including Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mr. Rogers, Muhammad Ali, Yogi Berra, and Josef Stalin; allusions to non-Judeo-Christian faiths, including Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism; and allusions to children’s literature, including authors, titles, and iconic characters.

Allusions are organized alphabetically into thematic categories, ranging from Abandonment, Baby Boomers, and Cannibalism, to Xenophobia, Youthfulness, and Zaniness. Each thematic category is followed by one or many allusions, with entries arranged alphabetically and numbered. Each entry begins with the name of the allusion followed by a definition, along with information in brackets on the source. The volume also includes a bibliography and index. For a more complete understanding of the coverage offered in Ruffner’s Allusions, 3rd Edition, please see the Sample Pages.

Ruffner’s Allusions, 3rd Edition, will be a helpful, authoritative starting place for students and general readers interested in understanding the meaning of the many allusions found in everyday reading and speech.


"[This work] expands on the denotative dictionary meaning of a word by looking at how American vernacular uses references to myth, popular culture, and literature to add depth and richness to its language. ... The provision of a concise explanation for each entry makes Ruffner's Allusions more useful than an Internet search for the same information. ... Recommended. Libraries desiring comprehensive coverage or supporting creative writing programs; general readers."

—Choice, June ’10

"Allusions are abundant in classical and modern literature, the Bible, Greek and Roman mythology, legends, and the arts and music. To students studying these topics for the first time they can lead to confusion and frustration. This volume is designed for high school and undergraduate students looking for the meaning behind the allusions found in all types of literature, mythology, and the arts. ... This title will be an authoritative place to start for students looking for the meanings of many allusions found in literature, mythology, legends, the Bible, and everyday speech."

—American Reference Books Annual, 2011

"For its breadth of coverage and carefully organized content, this would be an excellent addition to any reference collection."

—Booklist Online, May '11

"Ruffner’s Allusions possesses a very concise organizational structure. The brevity and clarity serves to help users and makes the dictionary a beneficial publication to any reference collection, especially an English literature collection. … Ruffner’s Allusions contains both an index and bibliography while similar publications have only an index or nothing at all. This fact, along with the dictionary’s succinctness, sets Ruffner’s Allusions apart from similar dictionaries."

—Reference Reviews, Vol. 25, Issue 7, 2011