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Teen Health Series

Pregnancy Information for Teens, 3rd Ed.

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Teenage mothers are more likely to have preterm labor and delivery, anemia, preeclampsia, and other complications; and babies born to teenage mothers have higher risks for low birth weight, serious health problems, and even death. In addition, some pregnant teens may lack access to proper nutrition or may participate in risky activities that can have a negative effect on maternal and fetal health. Teenage mothers—and fathers—also face social and emotional risks, and they are less likely than their peers to finish school and find well-paying jobs.

Pregnancy Information For Teens, 3rd Edition, provides information about prenatal care, nutrition, fetal development, and preparing for labor and delivery. It includes facts about abortion and adoption, as well as information for teens who choose to parent their infants, along with other helpful information.

The book is organized in the broad subject areas detailed below.

Part One: Understanding The Problem Of Teen Pregnancy discusses the serious consequences teen pregnancy has on the mother, the child, and on society. It also presents information on two models for pregnancy prevention (abstinence-only and comprehensive sexuality education) and discusses the recent changes in federal sexual education policy. There is also a chapter on teen pregnancy and the media.

Part Two: If You Think You’re Pregnant provides information on the signs and symptoms of pregnancy and facts about pregnancy tests. After a pregnancy is confirmed, pregnant teens must make a difficult choice—abortion, adoption, or parenting. Individual chapters within this part discuss each of these alternatives.

Part Three: Staying Healthy During Your Pregnancy talks about what a pregnant teen must do—and not do—in order to have a healthy pregnancy. It includes information on prenatal care, tests and procedures, sleep, nutrition, and exercise. It also explains why alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and some other substances must be avoided during pregnancy. Finally, there is a chapter on protecting yourself and getting help if you are in an abusive relationship while pregnant.

Part Four: High-Risk Pregnancies And Pregnancy Complications discusses various conditions that may be present before pregnancy that increase the risk of complications, such as asthma and diabetes. It also discusses conditions that can arise during pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

Part Five: Childbirth describes the many ways to prepare for childbirth, such as birthing classes, birth plans, and choosing a birth location. It also presents information on labor, birth, and recovery.

Part Six: Your Newborn gives teen mothers important information about what happens during a newborn’s first hours of life, including health assessments and screening tests. It also answers questions about breastfeeding and gives tips on taking care of a baby at home.

Part Seven: Teen Parenting Problems And Solutions discusses the many unique challenges teen parents face, including child care options, finding a place to live, and finishing school. Important facts about child custody, child care, and health insurance are presented along with public assistance options for teen parents, including supplemental nutrition and vaccine programs. Finally, there is a chapter about the rights and responsibilities of teen fathers.

Part Eight: If You Need More Information includes directories of teen pregnancy resources, assistance for low-income pregnant women, and education resources for teen parents.

Standard Features

  • Library binding, 7 ¼ x 9 ¼
  • 400 pages per volume
  • Includes online access
  • Authoritative content from respected health organizations; non-technical language and writing style is accessible to young people
  • Chapter headings and subheadings break up descriptive text and provide easy navigation
  • Standardized callout boxes highlight important information, define terms, or summarize a chapter’s contents
  • Tables, charts, and illustrations provide visual aids for technical information and supplement explanations
  • Directory of resources with contact information guide further research and identify sources of information and support
  • Comprehensive index provides easy access to descriptive information, definitions, and related concepts


“This is an excellent resource for teens, parents, counselors, and social workers.”
— American Reference Books Annual, Dec ’17