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Teen Finance Series

Personal and Automobile Loan Information for Teens, 1st Ed.

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Today’s teens face economic challenges unlike previous generations as they transition to managing their own money. It is high time for the teens to attain basic financial literacy to efficiently manage their earnings, savings, and loans as well. Loans can be of great help when one runs out of money to meet her/his need or even when planning for large purchases. There are many types of loans—automobile loans, home loans, personal loans, student loans, and so on. A clear understanding of how loans and credits work can help teens avoid financial vulnerabilities and build economic stability.

Personal and Automobile Loan Information for Teens, First Edition aims at offering financial literacy for teens to deal with loans and credits. It provides basic information about various loan options available for teens and talks extensively about the procedures and risks involved in personal and automobile loans. It highlights the importance of credit scoring and gives an insight into how teens can build their credit while avoiding common financial pitfalls. It discusses about various things to be taken into account before buying, renting, or leasing a car and information about car repair and insurance are also provided. The legal rights of consumers are explained in detail along with tips to stay away from loan scams and identity thefts. It also includes additional resources for teens seeking personal and automobile loans.

Standard Features

  • Accessible organization—generous use of headings
  • Charts and tables aid comprehension of statistical data
  • Callout boxes highlight important information, define terms, or summarize chapter content
  • Resource directories with contact information guide further research
  • Comprehensive index
  • Library binding, 7 ¼ x 9 ¼
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  • School and Library Price $62 per volume