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Moving and Relocation Directory, 10th Ed.

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COVID-19 has impacted economic, social, cultural and demographic trends. Employees are asking their employers to explain Work From Home rules and moving assistance policies at increasing rates.

Moving and Relocation Directory 10th Edition provides insights into why different U.S. demographic populations migrate and includes data on the criteria being considered for selecting the ideal location.

A one-stop resource guide for moving/relocating to a new US destination. Useful information and data on major cities considered to be amongst the best places to live in the US and categorized as the most livable, affordable cities, and among the major popular relocation destinations. It offers insightful information on climate, housing costs, ratio of native vs transplants, top employers, green spaces (parks), average weather conditions, days per year of rainfall/sunshine, Air Quality Index, population demographics, financial services, quality of living indicators, top employers, medical facilities, education, public transportation, local sports, outdoor activities, cost of living, and more.