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Cultural Studies

LGBTQ+ in America: The Historic Struggle for Inclusion

  • Author/Editor: Angela Williams
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Trim Size: 6×9
  • Page Count: 300
  • Book Level: 10
  • Publication Date: June 2021
  • ISBN: 978-0-7808-1959-7
  • List Price: $69.00
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LGBTQ+ in America: The Historic Struggle for Inclusion is a resource guide that provides historical context that helps people and organizations better understand the challenges that LGBTQ+ Americans have faced and continue to face in this country, along with a timeline of developments and milestones as well as details about the legislation and trailblazers that impacted this struggle for inclusion. Available in both print and digital formats, the guide covers significant movements and events in LGBTQ+ history, from the Harvey Milk assassination and subsequent “Twinkie Defense” to the U.S. government’s anti-gay purge of the 1950s to the proposed Equality Act of 2021, highlights the professional strides that LGBTQ+ individuals have made over the past century, and provides key links to support organizations to help readers identify, manage and navigate both the subtle and overt barriers that LGBTQ+ people face in housing, medicine, the workplace, and in their public and private lives. Current challenges are also covered, including a description of which states protect LGBTQ+ people from housing discrimination, a short history of hate-crime legislation and where its impact falls short, and a forward-looking trajectory that takes into consideration how the Equality Act of 2021, if passed, could impact LGBTQ+ citizens.

LGBTQ+ in America: The Historic Struggle for Inclusion expands on the dominant narratives surrounding LGBTQ+ individuals and is designed to provide education and resources around LGBTQ+ experiences in this nation. The guide aims to support interests in career pursuits and programs in Gender Studies, LGBTQ+ Studies, Cultural Studies, American History, Diversity and Inclusion, Women’s Studies and the Social Sciences. Included in this important and timely title is information on relevant legislation, historical movements, discrimination and hate crimes cases, and outcomes stemming from the landmark 2015 U.S. Supreme Court marriage-equality decision. Also included is information on documented disparities in pay and mortgage/loan rates, harassment in the workplace, and more. It emphasizes the importance of equity in the workplace and equitable civil-rights protections and highlights the important milestones accomplished by trailblazers in the movement and their allies.