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Disability Series

Learning and Developmental Disabilities Sourcebook, 1st Edition

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Learning and developmental disabilities refer to the functional limitations caused by neurological disorders. They can usually be identified in infancy or childhood. Learning disabilities affect a child’s ability to speak, read, write, and do mathematical calculations while developmental disabilities affect the day-to-day functioning of the child. There are different types of learning and developmental disabilities that a child may have more than one type of disability. If you think your child is displaying signs of any such disabilities, it is important to consult a pediatrician and seek early intervention services. Although learning and developmental disabilities may last a person’s entire life, people with these disabilities can lead a normal life with proper support.

Learning and Developmental Disabilities Sourcebook, First Edition describes the process of learning and provides information about early learning. It discusses the basics of development in children along with the facts about speech, language, social, and emotional development. It explains what are learning and developmental disabilities and provides statistical data on their prevalence. Specific types of learning and developmental disabilities are discussed along with their causes, symptoms, and diagnostic procedures. It also explains how to care for people with learning and developmental disabilities and provides information about the school and career options available for them. The problems commonly faced by people with disabilities such as bullying, coping with sibling issues, and barriers to participation are discussed and tips to lead an independent life are provided. It also offers information about the rights of people with disabilities and the benefits available for them. The book concludes with a glossary of terms related to learning and developmental disabilities and a directory of resources for further help and support.

Standard Features in the Disability Series

  • 5 ½ x 8 ½
  • 200-300 pages per volume
  • Easy-to-use volumes organized into parts and chapters. Parts focus on broad areas of interest. Chapters are devoted to single topics within a part.
  • Authoritative content from respected government agencies and institutes, university research centers, professional medical associations, and non-profit health organizations.
  • Comprehensive chapters feature generous use of headings and subheadings for ease of navigation.
  • Tables, charts, and illustrations display statistical data and supplement explanations.
  • Helpful glossary provides definitions of technical terms.
  • Resource directories with contact information highlight organizations that can provide further information and support.
  • Professionally prepared master index provides easy access to descriptive information, definitions, and related concepts.
  • List Price $45 per volume
  • School and Library Price $39 per volume