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Headquarters USA 2022, 44th Ed.

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Headquarters USA lists headquarters and other central offices for the largest and most important businesses, organizations, agencies, and institutions in the United States. Listings also are included for top Canadian businesses and organizations.

The 2022 edition of Headquarters USA contains 131,263 listings, presented by name and by subject. Individual listings in both the Alphabetical and Classified sections present each company or organization name along with its full address and telephone number. Most listings also include fax numbers (58,096) and websites (128,787), and 44,789 listings include toll-free telephone numbers. Trading symbols and corresponding stock exchanges are provided for 1,755 publicly traded companies.

With this comprehensive directory, you and your patrons can find verified, accurate, up-to-date information for all types of businesses, industries, and related organizations.


Standard Features

    • Associations
    • Better Business Bureaus
    • Businesses & Industries
    • Chambers of Commerce
    • City, County, State & Federal Government Agencies
    • Colleges, Universities & Vocational Schools
    • Consulates & Embassies
    • Cultural Organizations
    • Foundations
    • Military Bases
    • Political Organizations
    • Sports Organizations
    • United Nations Agencies & Missions
    • and much more!

Plus . . .

    • Area Code & Zip Code Guide for more than 11,000 cities
    • Area Code Tables in both state and area code order
    • Index to Classified Headings—includes extensive “See” and “See also” references