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Government Support Index Handbook 2023

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Government Support Index Handbook 2023 provides comprehensive information on all federal domestic programs offering financial and non-financial assistance and helps readers distinguish which programs are administered to the public via local offices, from those administered from the federal agency headquarters.

The book includes more than 2,200 federal programs that are summarized from data contained in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA), maintained by the General Services Administration. It provides a profile of each program that condenses more than 3,000 pages in the CFDA to just the essential details.

This book includes new programs that are created through federal authorization, including USC, ACT, Statute, Public Law, and Executive Order, to meet the new needs of the American public. While it is rare that programs are terminated, it is more common for programs to be replaced. Over time, the number of programs has grown from 989 in 1984 to more than 2,200 today.

The following information is given for each program:

  • Agency abbreviation and program number (shown graphically)
  • Program name and Popular name, when applicable
  • Award type(s)
  • Purpose and objectives
  • Applicant and Beneficiary eligibility rules
  • Award range and average values awarded applicable to financial awards
  • Funding values of recent awards by fiscal year
  • Headquarter office address and contact


“The Government Support Index Handbook should prove useful for those seeking grant awards from government agencies. It is especially recommended to larger public and academic libraries.”