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Government Support Index Handbook 2019

  • Author/Editor: Connie Harrison
  • Binding: Print/Online
  • Trim Size: 7 ¼ x 9 ¼
  • Page Count: 1,000
  • Book Level:
  • Publication Date: Nov 2018
  • ISBN: 978-0-7808-1674-9
  • List Price: $275.00
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Web Price: $250.00

This item is scheduled to release on 11/15/2018

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Government Support Index Handbook is a new reference resource that contains encyclopedic entries of assistance programs that include Program Title, Number, Description, Purpose, Eligibility/Beneficiary Rules, Award Size, and Funding Agency Contact Details. It is bundled with an interactive database of assistance programs with searchable categories of need and application deadlines by each overseeing agency with locations and contacts.

Online features include:

  • User-centered search that locates and retrieves public assistance programs that match need-based purpose.
  • Identification of new programs.
  • Program discoverability based on applicant eligibility, beneficiary characteristics and application deadlines.
  • Identification of additional program attributes such as fund status, accomplishments, fund size, assistance and program types.
  • Family tree of department, agency, regional and local offices with current contact details.
  • Financial charts and tables of program funding history.


Standard Features

Includes a free one-year subscription to Government Support Index Online