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Disability Series

Disability Rights, Benefits, and Support Services Sourcebook, 1st Edition

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Over 53 million—about one in five adults living in the United States—experience physical, cognitive, emotional, or sensory disabilities that impede their daily life. Since the passage of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with disabilities have made a lot of improvement in the quality of life, making use of the opportunities offered to them through various venues. Yet studies have been consistently revealing the fact that people living with disabilities experience disadvantages compared to the healthy populace, and that most of the health problems faced by them are surmountable.

Disability Rights, Benefits, and Support Services Sourcebook, First Edition, provides an overview of rights and laws enacted to protect and accommodate people with disabilities and those interested in learning more about disability, including federal laws that protect the right to vote, education programs and accommodations, Social Security benefits for individuals with a disability and the processes required to apply for these benefits, disability compensation benefits for veterans, information on how to find government and local disability programs and services, and other resources.

Standard Features in the Disability Series

  • 5 ½ x 8 ½
  • 200-300 pages per volume
  • Easy-to-use volumes organized into parts and chapters. Parts focus on broad areas of interest. Chapters are devoted to single topics within a part.
  • Authoritative content from respected government agencies and institutes, university research centers, professional medical associations, and non-profit health organizations.
  • Comprehensive chapters feature generous use of headings and subheadings for ease of navigation.
  • Tables, charts, and illustrations display statistical data and supplement explanations.
  • Helpful glossary provides definitions of technical terms.
  • Resource directories with contact information highlight organizations that can provide further information and support.