Primary Sourcebook Series

History Resources for Today’s Students

The Primary Sourcebook Series provides students and other users with an overview of some of the most important and influential events of the modern world. Each volume assembles more than 100 primary documents to help users gain a greater understanding of a pivotal era in world history. These primary source materials are distributed among 14 chapters, arranged roughly in chronological order. Each of these chapters begins with an introductory overview that provides readers with the background information they need to understand the significance of the documents selected for inclusion. These chapter overviews introduce the main players, events, and themes that will be illuminated in the documents to come.

Within the chapters, each document featured in the Primary Sourcebook Series is preceded by a brief introduction that provides additional historical context on the origins and significance of that particular document. Primary source materials featured in each volume include treaties, speeches, legislation, diplomatic dispatches, journalism, editorials, personal correspondence, government reports, memoirs, and oral histories. The documents themselves include source materials that are universally recognized as essential to any meaningful study of the historical subject; they also include works that provide readers with glimpses into the perspectives of both national leaders and ordinary citizens. Taken together, the chapters can guide readers through the world’s most momentous historical events.

The Primary Sourcebook Series will give readers a greater appreciation for the importance of history and its impact on their lives. It will also sharpen their capacity to analyze and interpret conflicting perspectives on major historical events, causes, and individuals—helping them understand the eras and events that shaped the world they live in today.

Standard Features in the Primary Sourcebook Series

  • More than 100 primary source documents explicating a significant event in history
  • Documents include a wide variety of the most important primary sources on these subjects, including official documents, journalism, and personal accounts
  • Primary source documents arranged in chapters by chronology and by topic
  • Each chapter is preceded by an introduction to the period and topic
  • Each document within the chapter is preceded by an annotation placing it in historical context
  • Each document is followed by a bibliographic citation giving information on its source
  • Glossary of important figures and terms
  • Detailed chronology of events with a see reference feature, whereby events listed in the chronology include page references to relevant primary documents featured in the book
  • Extensive bibliography of works consulted, including books, periodicals, websites, and videotape materials
  • Subject index
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