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    • FactCite: The Lincoln Library Online

      Unlimited access to four content-rich collections—Defining Moments Online, American History, America’s Founding Documents, and World Biography—including thousands of articles, illustrations, primary source documents, and online quizzes.

      • Publication Date: Annual Access
      • ISBN:
      • Available as E-Book: No
      • Web Price: $498.00

    • The Lincoln Library of Essential Information, 44th Ed.

      Provides users with comprehensive and authoritative articles written by subject matter experts in the areas education, language and logic, philosophy and religion, literature, arts, history, government, physical sciences, biological sciences, social science, architecture, engineering, entertainment and sports, business and law. Includes illustrations, questions to test comprehension, and recommended sources for further study.

      • Publication Date: 2012
      • ISBN: 978-0-912168-22-7
      • Available as E-Book: No
      • Web Price: $149.00

    • The Lincoln Library of Sports Champions

      Provides users with engaging biological profiles of male and female athletes representing 49 sports in 35 countries. Includes photographs and illustrations, recommended sources for further study, and indexes by sport, country of origin, era, ethnicity and gender.

      • Publication Date: 2013
      • ISBN: 978-0- 912168-00-5
      • Available as E-Book: No
      • Web Price: $429.00