Cultural Studies

Celebrating Holidays, Religions, and Cultural Diversity

What unites us as a people? What divides us? Are there certain core traditions, customs, or beliefs that help define us? Especially in the United States, a melting pot of different nationalities each with their own customs and traditions, how do we discover and appreciate our cultural identity?

These are just a few of the questions addressed in the Cultural Studies collection, with titles that illuminate the history, religion, customs, symbols, and lore related to our culture. These multi-cultural titles are key resources for teachers, students, and others interested in understanding different cultures, countries, and ethnic groups.

The Cultural Studies collection features a broad range of titles that examine the following subject areas:

  • Titles that explore secular and religious holidays and festivals, presenting the many ways in which people celebrate and find meaning in these traditions
  • Titles that explore religion, explicating many of the world’s religions and delving into their important observances
  • Titles that explore multi-cultural issues, providing resources for those exploring different cultures
  • Titles that explore history, focusing on the near and far, the recent and distant past
  • Titles that explore popular culture, featuring superheroes, supervillains, and UFOs

For specific details on the Cultural Studies collection, see the individual titles, with descriptions and sample pages.

    • Understanding and Navigating Discrimination in America

      A resource guide to help people and organizations understand challenging and sensitive conversations, and integrate them into American lives in a meaningful way. The guide will provide key links to organizations, local and national support groups and government agencies to help readers identify, report and manage discrimination in personal, professional and academic settings.

      • Publication Date: Feb 2021
      • ISBN: 978-0-7808-1901-6
      • List Price: $69.00
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    • Understanding Islam and Muslim Traditions, 2nd Edition

      Understanding Islam and Muslim Traditions, 2nd Edition provides important information about the faith in an easy-to-navigate format. This is a resource guide that introduces readers to Islam through an examination of its religious observances, customs, holidays, calendar system, and folk beliefs, describing how people around the world express their Muslim identity. This 2nd edition includes an important section on Islamophobia in America, providing readers with both the historic backdrop and current environment.

      • Publication Date: Aug 2021
      • ISBN: 978-0-7808-1961-0
      • List Price: $69.00
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    • Women in the Workplace in America, 1900–2021

      A resource guide providing historical context for the challenges, opportunities, and success stories of women in the American workplace.  This title support interests in career pursuits and programs in Women’s Studies, Diversity and Inclusion, American History, Cultural Studies and Social Science.

      • Publication Date: June 2021
      • ISBN: 978-0-7808-1957-3
      • List Price: $69.00
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    • African-American Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations, 2nd Ed

      Presents more than 100 diverse holidays and festivals observed by Americans of African descent, exploring their history, customs, and symbols. Also includes a chronology, bibliography, and index.

      • Publication Date: Sept 2019
      • ISBN: 978-0-7808-1605-3
      • List Price: $71.00
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    • Holiday Symbols and Customs, 5th Ed.

      Describes the origins of more than 350 holidays observed in the United States and around the world. Explains where, when, and how each event is celebrated, with detailed information on the symbols and customs associated with the holiday. Includes contact information and web sites for related organizations.

      • Publication Date: 2015
      • ISBN: 978-0-7808-1364-9
      • List Price: $133.00
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    • Holidays Around the World, 6th Ed.

      A comprehensive reference guide that covers over 3,500 observances. Features both secular and religious events from many different cultures, countries, and ethnic groups. Includes contact information for events; multiple appendices with background information on world holidays; extensive bibliography; multiple indexes.

      • Publication Date: Jan 2018
      • ISBN: 978-0-7808-1619-0
      • List Price: $177.00
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