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Teen Health Series

Alcohol Information for Teens, 5th Ed.

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Cultures around the world have used alcoholic beverages throughout recorded history. Alcohol has been used to treat medical complaints, in religious ceremonies, celebrations, and to increase conviviality in social gatherings. Despite its widespread acceptance, however, societies have struggled to address the negative effects associated with its misuse. Alcoholic beverages come in different forms, such as spirits, beer, wines, or cocktails, and servings can contain vastly different amounts of pure alcohol. But all these beverages share a common concern: Teens should not drink them. Each year approximately 5000 young people die under the age of 21 due to underage drinking and that includes about 1900 deaths from motor vehicle crashes, 1600 of homicides, 300 in suicide, and hundreds from other injuries.

Alcohol Information for Teens, Fifth Edition provides updated information about the use and misuse of alcohol. It describes ways alcohol can affect mental and physical health. It discusses the special vulnerabilities of the teen brain and the changes in brain functioning that lead to dependency on alcohol. A section on treatment and recovery discusses achieving and maintaining sobriety, and a section on alcohol abuse in the family addresses the special concerns of teens who live with an alcoholic relative. The book concludes with resource directories for finding help or more information about alcohol and substance abuse.

Standard Features

  • Library binding, 7 ¼ x 9 ¼
  • 400 pages per volume
  • Authoritative content from respected health organizations; non-technical language and writing style is accessible to young people
  • Chapter headings and subheadings break up descriptive text and provide easy navigation
  • Standardized callout boxes highlight important information, define terms, or summarize a chapter’s contents
  • Tables, charts, and illustrations provide visual aids for technical information and supplement explanations
  • Directory of resources with contact information guide further research and identify sources of information and support
  • Comprehensive index provides easy access to descriptive information, definitions, and related concepts