To place an order, contact our Customer Service Department. Our representatives take orders, solve problems, and answer questions.

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Technical Support:


Phone Number (toll-free): (800) 322-8755
Fax Number (toll-free): (800) 678-3633

Mail Orders:

Mailing Address
Attn: Customer Service
1000 N West Street
Suite 1281-230
Wilmington, DE 19801

Remittance Address (use this address for PAYMENTS only)
PO BOX 809205
Chicago, IL 60680-9201

Shipping & Handling

Shipping and handling costs are waived on prepaid orders with destinations in the United States. For other orders:

Standard Shipping and Handling

  • United States – 7% shipping and handling costs will be added to order total
  • International customers  – Contact Customer Service to place your order. Actual shipping costs apply.
  • “Actual shipping costs” means that you will be billed for the actual amount the carrier charges to ship your order

Special Requests

  • Call us if you require special, collect, or expedited shipping

Back Orders
Please contact Customer Service to enter an order for titles that have not yet been published.

Payment options vary depending on the type of order being placed:

  • Libraries, schools, and government agencies may submit a purchase order; 7% shipping and handling charges will be added to the invoice and will be billed with shipment.
  • All others must pre-pay. Payment may be made by check or money order. For credit card billing (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express), please call Customer Service at (800) 322-8755. Prepaid orders are shipped free of charge.

List and Discount Prices
All Omnigraphics titles have a list price and a discount price. The discount price—shown on the website—is available to libraries, schools, government agencies, and on all prepaid web orders regardless of customer type.

60-Day Approval
All Omnigraphics titles are available on 60-day approval. If for any reason a title does not meet your needs, simply return it for full credit or a refund.

Infobase Returns Department
c/o Maple Logistics Solutions Distribution Center
704 Legionaire Drive
Fredericksburg, PA 17026