Encyclopedia of Easter, Carnival and Lent

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Encyclopedia of Easter, Carnival and Lent



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Encyclopedia of Easter, Carnival and Lent provides teachers, students, parents, and librarians with a convenient source of information on virtually every aspect of Easter and related holidays. The book also covers customs and observances associated with Lent as well as the Carnival celebrations that traditionally precede it.

This handy one-volume encyclopedia contains more than 150 alphabetically arranged entries on Easter, Carnival, and Lent. These entries cover folk customs and religious observances from around the world; the biblical figures associated with them; and their history, myths, legends, and symbols. Each entry includes a list of books for further reading, and many entries list web sites that contain further information. Black-and-white illustrations complement the text. For a more complete understanding of the coverage offered in Encyclopedia of Easter, Carnival and Lent, please see the Sample Pages.

Among the topics covered are the following:

    • Ascension Day
    • Ash Wednesday
    • Bells
    • Carnival
    • Cross
    • Easter Bunny
    • Easter Eggs
    • Eucharist
    • Fasting
    • Footwashing
    • Forgiveness Sunday
    • Good Friday
    • Gospel Accounts of Easter
    • Holy Week
    • Jesus
    • Judas
  • Lamb
  • Lent
  • Lily
  • Mardi Gras
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Paczki Day
  • Palm Sunday
  • Pentecost
  • Pilate, Pontius
  • Resurrection
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Tree of the Cross
  • Veiling
  • Walpurgis Night
  • Whitsun Ale

Additional features include a bibliography, list of web sites, and a general index

Special Features

  • Contains 154 entries on all facets of Easter, Carnival and Lent, arranged in alphabetical order
  • Encyclopedia format allows the user to locate information quickly, or to browse
  • Suitable for a general audience, including students and teachers, as well as interested adults
  • Assume little familiarity with the Christian religion and explains religious vocabulary and concepts
  • Covers the religious observances, history, customs, symbols, legends folklore, and folk celebrations associated with Easter
  • Treats the holidays and observances derived from Easter, notably Lent and Carnival/Mardi Gras
  • Also covers other Easter-related days, including Ash Wednesday, Pentecost, and Good Friday
  • Includes non-Christian holidays related to Easter: the Jewish holidays Passover and Shavuot; the ancient Roman festival Hilaria; the Middle Eastern new year’s celebration Naw Ruz; and the folk holiday May Day
  • Includes material from a variety of religious denominations, including the three main branches of the Christian faith: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, and Orthodoxy
  • Diverse range of material offers the reader the opportunity to gain a new appreciation of the breadth and depth of this ancient holiday
  • Three additional sections supplement the Encyclopedia: Bibliography, Web Sites, and Index


"This is an entertaining and solid introduction that will be useful for both report writing and ready reference. Recommended for public, high-school, and academic collections."

—Booklist, May '02

"A valuable resource. ... This volume provides more in-depth information than most reference books of this ilk. ... Celebrations in 20 countries are covered, much to the relief of every public librarian who has had to answer holiday-around-the-world questions. A comprehensive index, extensive bibliography, and a list of web sites round out this excellent resource."

—School Library Journal, May ‘02

"A thorough index makes this encyclopedia especially useful. ... [It] provides hard-to-find information. Public libraries and private schools (especially religious ones) that have questions on religion and customs will want to buy this title."

—American Reference Books Annual, 2002

"A good source for information on how these holidays are celebrated in different regions."

—Pennsylvania School Library Association, Top 40 Young Adult Reference Title of 2002