Users need quality resources 24/7, whether at school, at the library, at home, or on the go. They need unlimited access from computers, tablets, and smart phones—anywhere with an Internet connection. These resources offer the high-quality materials they need:


DM Online iPad image web 216x300 Online Databases Defining Moments Online provides simultaneous access for all users to every volume in the Defining Moments series, with new volumes added as they’re published. It offers users comprehensive overviews of the important “defining moments” in American history, along with related biographies, primary sources, glossaries, timelines, and more.







FactCite2 Online DatabasesFactCite Defining Moments Online Plus Database Bundle contains more than thousands of pages of content—including articles and illustrations, primary source documents, and online quizzes. This compilation features Defining Moments Online and four other content-rich collections from the Lincoln Library Press.





HRSOnlineProduct 200x300 Online DatabasesHealth Reference Series Online provides online access to the Health Reference Series collection. It includes all the features of the print volumes plus a clean, intuitive interface with a powerful natural-language search, individual user accounts and handy research tools including citation generation. With on-site and remote access users can access this valuable resource however and whenever they want on multiple devices including tablets and smart phones.








HPBOnline 266x300 Online Databases

Hospital Phone Book Online provides access to over 7,500 hospitals and medical centers across the United States and Canada.  The healthcare industry continues to be one of the most dynamic and fastest growing industries in the country, producing strong employment growth and high-wage jobs. Hospitals are at the center of this industry. Hospital Phone Book provides valuable intelligence to job seekers, and marketing and sales representatives for this high-growth sector.



USNBiotech 300x235 Online DatabasesNational Biotechnology Online provides access to over 11,000 of the most important biotechnology companies in the United States, including those in the fields of biochemicals, bioinformatics, bionics, cell culture technology, plant biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and more. Recent studies reveal that the U.S. biotechnology and biosciences industries have weathered the recession and are continuing to produce strong growth and high-wage jobs. National Biotech Online puts valuable intelligence about this high-growth sector in the hands of job-seekers and marketing and sales representatives.


NorCalOnline 300x242 Online Databases Northern California High Technology Online provides access to over 6,100 of the top high   technology companies in Northern California and Silicon Valley. This area is home to many of the world’s largest technology companies as well as thousands of start-ups. It continues to be a hub for high tech innovation and a powerful force for job creation and economic growth.




PNWOnline 300x243 Online DatabasesPacific Northwest High Technology Online provides access to over 5,500 of the top high technology companies throughout the Pacific Northwest region covering Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alberta & British Columbia. The region is a rapidly growing technology hub, and home to some of the biggest giants and innovative start-ups in the industry. With a growing high-tech work force cultivated by the regions many universities and top companies, the Pacific Northwest now rivals Northern California as one of the country’s most important high-tech regions.



RkyMtnOnline 300x242 Online DatabasesRocky Mountain High Technology Online provides access to over 4,300 of the top high technology companies throughout the Rocky Mountain region. The emergence of new technologies rooted in the regions scenic wonders make the Rocky Mountain area of the U.S. a dynamic hub for high technology companies. States like Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming continue to attract established companies as well as young entrepreneurs, consistently making it one of the leading regions in the U.S. for population and job growth.




HT TXOnline 300x225 Online DatabasesTexas High Technology Online provides access to over 8,700 of the top high technology companies throughout the state of Texas. Texas is a growing hub for technology companies, which contribute to making it one of the leading states in the U.S. for population and job growth. Along with its strength in innovation and product design, Texas is the home of over 20% of the nation’s technology manufacturing jobs and holds the distinction of being the top technology exporter among U.S. states.