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Featured Books

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      health reference series

      Health Technology Sourcebook, 1st Ed.

      By: Greg Mullin
      Library binding. 536 pages. Feb 2018.

      Provides consumer health information about the application of science to develop solutions to health problems or issues such as the prevention or delay of onset of diseases or the promotion and monitoring of good health. Includes index, glossary of related terms, and other resources.

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      Web Price: $85.00

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      health reference series

      Congenital Disorders Sourcebook, 4th Ed.

      By: Greg Mullin
      Library binding. 664 pages. Feb 2018.

      Provides consumer health information about nonhereditary birth defects and disorders, including facts about prevention and treatment options. Includes index, glossary of related terms, and other resources.

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      Web Price: $85.00

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      cultural studies

      Holidays Around the World, 6th Ed.

      By: Pearline Jaikumar
      Library binding. 1,528 pages. Jan 2018.

      A comprehensive reference guide that covers over 3,500 observances. Features both secular and religious events from many different cultures, countries, and ethnic groups. Includes contact information for events; multiple appendices with background information on world holidays; extensive bibliography; multiple indexes.

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      Web Price: $159.00

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      teen health series

      Sleep Information for Teens, 2nd Ed.

      By: Siva Ganesh Maharaja
      Library binding. 400 pages. Jan 2018.

      Consumer health information about sleep and sleep requirements for teens and explains the biological processes involved in sleep and discusses circadian rhythms, dreaming, sleep hygiene, and sleep disorders.

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      Web Price: $62.00

Free Resources

  • February Is American Heart Month

    Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. The good news? Heart disease can often be prevented when people make healthy choices and manage their health conditions. Families, health professionals, and communities can work together to create opportunities for people to make healthier choices. February is American Heart Month, sponsored by the American Heart Association. They recommend healthy changes to lower your risk of developing heart disease, or to control and prevent risk factors if you already have heart disease. To lower your risk:

    Watch your weight.
    Quit smoking and stay away from secondhand smoke.
    Control your cholesterol and blood pressure.
    If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation.
    Get active and eat healthy.

    free resource button small  February Is American Heart MonthThis selection from Cardiovascular Disorders Sourcebook provides information on two related topics: Preventing Heart Disease at Any Age and Heart Healthy Eating.

    Comprehensive information about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the heart and blood vessels is available in Cardiovascular Disorders Sourcebook, 6th Edition.

    Posted: February 2, 2018

  • February Is African American History Month

    African American History Month, celebrated annually in February, is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of African Americans to our nation’s history and culture. The origin of the observance can be traced to 1926, when historian Carter G. Woodson and his organization, the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, announced the first Negro History Week. In subsequent years, the response to the effort built until 50 years later, in 1976, the first month-long celebration of African American history was held. Today, African American History Month is the occasion for events and observances across the country to honor the achievements of African Americans and to recognize their central role in U.S. history.

    free resource button small  February Is African American History MonthIn addition to African American History Month, there are a host of celebrations around the country that are dedicated to black history and culture. This selection from African-American Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations includes two guides to these events: a calendar of holidays, festivals, and celebrations and an alphabetical listing, with contact information, of organizations that sponsor the events.

    Additional information about African American History Month and many other events that celebrate black history and culture can be found in African-American Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations, 2nd Ed.

    Posted: February 1, 2018